Exploring the Meaning behind Dreams

Daftar Isi [Tutup]

    Vani Hidayatur Rahman's art installation during an art exhibition held by the Batu Asah group named "Tafsir Mimpi" (Dream Interpretation) held at the Bantara Budaya Yogyakarta June 14 - 20 2013. Tempo/Anang Zakaria

    TEMPO.CO, Yogyakarta - The exhibition room at Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta was arranged like a dining area. Two long tables were joined and surrounded by six colorful chairs. However, one chair from the corner of the table was then placed on top of the table upside down. It seemed as if the meal on top of the table was only meant for five people. Only five plates were also set on the dining table. Maybe the sixth person finished their meal and left the dining area. 

    This was an installation art piece created by Vani Hidayatur Rahman, 32, during an art exhibition being held by the Batu Asah group named "Tafsir Mimpi" (Dream Interpretation), held at Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta from June 14 to 30. The title of his creation was also unusual: "Banyak-banyak makan jangan ada sisa, makan jangan bersuara. Banyak-banyak makan jangan ada sisa, ayo makan bersama." It roughly translates as "Eat a lot, finish everything, do not make noise when you eat. Eat a lot, finish everything, let us eat together." 

    The meal served on top of the table was a wooden branch cut up to make it look like sliced bread on top of an unusually sized tray. 

    "There's a plate at the back of the exhibition hall, but what are we supposed to eat?" said Sindhunata, a clergyman representing Bentara Budaya during the opening of the exhibition last Friday night, June 14. He asked this question to Hermanu, Bentara's manager, before the exhibition was officially opened. 

    Hermanu's answer was this: "We are given the freedom to imagine. Imagine what type of food we will eat. Whatever comes across our mind. Including forbidden food," he said. 

    Sindhunata believes dreams can mean anything, and are much more than images that entertain us during slumber. A scientific understanding of a dream can be construed as a subconscious thought, he said.   

    "And a good dream is a progressive dream, aggressive," added Sindhunata. "So life is not ordinary."

    The Batu Asah group consists of six artists: Dhidik Danardono, Fajar Susanto alias Kunting, Ismu Ismoyo, Rio Humansyah Ali, Rosi Alam Fidiansyah, and Vani Hidayatur Rahman. Their artwork varies using different types of materials. For example, Dhidik displayed a creation entitled "Dream Catcher" which was a black bed with a red background and an object similar to a mousetrap on top of it. 

    Artist Ismu painted on top of cardboard, while Fajar, who was named the leader of the exhibition, used lids from cans for his painting of a naked woman. 

    "This is my naughty imagination," he said.